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CRS Home Service – CRS sets up an appointment with you to meet you with the service you need in your home. This is our priority service because our goal is to bring rehabilitation as close as possible to you. If this kind of service does not suit you, check our CRS community service.

CRS Community Service – CRS has some dedicated locations within your community in Accra, Tema and each of the regional capital where we can meet you for the services you require. Efforts are being made to add more locations up to district level. Contact CRS customer care with information on your location and you will be given address to your closest CRS location.

CRS Hospital Service – this service is available to individuals who are still in the hospital, pre or post-surgery.

CRS Stores – You may purchase prosthetic and orthotic consumables for patients in CRS store. You place order, pay online or through mobile money. Delivery is within three days to your preferred location. For a list of items available for sale in CRS store go to

CRS International Service- with CRS international service, we either come to you or you come to us by special arrangements. Please contact CRS customer service for enquiries and further information on how to access this service category.

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